Invisalign® aligners straighten teeth...

  • Faster than braces1

  • More comfortably than braces2

  • More predictably3

invis is the #1 doctor recommended clear aligner in the world4

Am I a candidate?

17 million smiles and counting5

Imagine your future smile.

Want a sneak peek at your new smile?

Simply take a selfie using the Invisalign® SmileView tool.

How much do Invisalign aligners cost?

Short answer: it's up to the individual doctors.

But we can help find a provider near you.


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A clear Invisalign aligner in an open caseA clear Invisalign aligner in an open case

Whatever the cost of Invisalign treatment, you have options.

  • Using your insurance coverage. Did you know that many insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment up to 50% under orthodontic coverage up to a maximum amount?
  • Arranging a comfortable monthly or bi-weekly payment plan. Did you know that many Invisalign providers offer financing either through a 3rd party like LendCare or in-office, and there are low or $0 down payment options? 
  • Using your pre-tax Health Care Account dollars.

invis is affordable.

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How long does Invisalign treatment take?6

You could see your new smile in as little as 6 months.7

invis is fast.

invis is 3 easy steps

Step 1

Meet with your doctor and get a sneak peek at your new smile

Using the iTero Element™ scanner, your doctor can take a fast and precise 3D digital scan of your teeth8 and map out a custom treatment plan just for you.

Start transforming your smile right from your first fitting

This is a key step in your success. Your doctor will ensure your aligners fit well, answer your questions, and let you know what to expect.

Keep your brand-new smile beautiful

You transformed your smile with the world’s most advanced clear aligner system. Now it’s easy to keep the smile you love.

Our Vivera retainers are custom made and 30% stronger than other retainers.9

Is Invisalign treatment right for me?

A patient holding Invisalign clear aligners
A patient holding Invisalign clear aligners

Your confident smile starts here

invis is a trained doctor nearby.

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Feel great about your choice

invis is unique among all other options. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out these smiles!


91% of customers say ‘It’s worth it.’

Before and after image of Invisalign Treatment

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Selfie of patient wearing Invisalign Clear Aligners


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Invisalign Clear Aligners Packaging
Selfie of patient wearing Invisalign Clear Aligners